Timothy Donald Pilmaier

Writing a book has been a life-long dream of mine. The difficulty had always been picking a story to write. The impetus for Flight of the U-463 was a discussion with my father about three Korean soldiers during World War II who were captured by the Japanese, the Russians and the Germans. In each case, they were forced to serve in each Army of the captors. These men were eventually captured in Normandy during the D-Day invasion.

This event led me to postulate, "What if this happened to an American?" Thus, the story developed in my mind for Peter "Two-Pair" Teufel, the son of an American diplomat who gets trapped in war torn Europe and subsequently is conscripted into the Kriegsmarine. The story chronicles his attempts to escape from the German Navy and Nazi Germany.

During the writing process, I routinely discussed plot features with my Father. We sat in his kitchen most Saturday mornings, sipping coffee and reviewing the storyline. His experience and knowledge were invaluable in the development of the book. For that reason, I dedicated the book to him.

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